An Introduction to Shaman

Shaman opened its doors on August 3rd 2003 in Abdoun - West Amman, as a Restaurant,Lounge and Bar. Since its opening Shaman has established itself as one of Amman's most important outing attractions and has grown and evolved throughout the years into a destination that offers its customers various outlets with various themes that offer the finest food & beverage from different cuisines all under a comfortable setting and a premium service standard. Separated into 3 outlets; Shaman Lounge, Shaman Sport & Shaman Garden.

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Shaman Lounge

Definitely the Hottest Lounge in Amman! Shaman Lounge is the heart of Shaman and the center of Amman's hangouts. Designed with a modern funky decor, famous for its curvy bar surrounded by a comfortable and cozy seating arrangement and equipped with a high tech sound system playing a series of mellow lounge vibes, setting the mood for Amman's most vibrant crowd.Those are a few qualities that make Shaman Lounge known to offer its customers a beautiful ambiance mixed with the best food & service in town.

Shaman Sport

The number one choice in Amman for Sport enthusiasts of all kinds. Football, Basketball, Formula 1, UFC and many more sport fans all gather at Shaman Sport to enjoy their favorite matches showing live on the large screens while indulging in the delicious variety Shaman's food & beverage menu has to offer. Championships & Cups are Shaman Sport's heart & soul as the crowds gather up to cheer and support their favorite teams transforming Shaman Sport into an international stadium.

Shaman Garden

A beautiful Summer Garden with white comfortable couches and a beautiful round bar against a palm tree background, situated in a privately secluded setting. A place to kick back, relax and enjoy the summer nights with friends & loved ones as live chill out music is performed live by talented DJs & an experienced team serving the best food and refreshing beverages throughout the hot Amman summer. The open air garden is definitely the most suitable nightlife destination in Amman to enjoy the hot summer nights.

Personality of Shaman

The Shaman (man or woman) is a euphoric figure believed to have powers to heal and to communicate with the world beyond. The term comes from the Tunguso-Manchurian word saman, meaning literally "he who knows." The term originated primarily from the northern Asiatic peoples and also found in the Americas, southeast India, and Australia. In southern Siberia and Ural, the Shaman is seen as a sage that uses magic for divining the hidden & controlling events. Among! certain native North American tribes the name means "medicine man." This figure had special physical & mental characteristics with an intuitive, sensitive, and mercurial personality. The Shaman also uses music & dance during his practice and is believed to have an active spirit or group of spirits to assist him.

The Shaman is a medium that symbolizes a special connection with the spiritual world.

This ancient name is recognized and greatly respected in all parts of the world, hence its selection to represent the theme of our restaurant, its magical meaning gave us much space & freedom in creating this setting. Our finely selected foods, international recipes & world music are intended to provide an ambiance of peace & tranquility for our guests to enjoy.

take pleasure in your kind presence & hope you allow Shaman to richly nourish your soul!



Saturday—Friday: 5.00 pm—2.00 am | For reservations please call +962-(0)-777227888 or add us on BBM Pin 25E1CCEF

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